Better IVF outcomes with Chinese Medicine

by Nathan Smith
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Essential Acupuncture recently attended a seminar to better understand IVF and how to tailor treatments to support thier therapy.

Topics covered include:

  • Anatomy and physiology of female reproductive endocrinology in Western and Chinese Medicine terms
  • The infertility diagnosis in Western Medicine including common endocrinological diseases and disorders
  • The causes, pathogenesis and differential diagnosis of female infertility in Chinese Medicine
  • The treatment algorithm: timed relations, ovulation induction, IUI IVF etc
  • The indications and functions of IVF drugs and how they help or hinder a woman's fertility
  • What are the different types of IVF
  • Common side effects of IVF drugs and how Chinese Medicine can assist
  • The consultaiton - what information is needed, what questions should be asked